Varieties of St. Augustine Grass

Floratam – This variety of St. Augustine grass is the only one that isn’t shade tolerant. It is most popular in Florida among homeowners since it thrives best in the direct sunlight many Florida neighborhoods provide.

Bitter-Blue – This grass is very good for shady properties. It is one of the more cold-tolerant varieties of this species of grass and it grows more slowly, which means you don’t have to mow as often.

Seville – Homeowners like the uniqueness of the blue-green hues and long leaf blades of the Seville variety of St. Augustine SOD. It retains its color quite well and has good tolerance levels for shade, salt, and is one of the species that tolerates drought conditions well.

Floralawn – Floralawn is suited to mild environments where it can thrive. It has a low tolerance to cold and shade.

Delmar – Delmar lawns are known for producing heavy thatch. It features good shade tolerance, but it also thrives well in direct sun. Delmar sod is considered a dwarf St. Augustine grass variety.

Sapphire – Sapphire is the only St. Augustine variety that offer high performance in a finer blade. It has a unique deep, blue-green color and a soft texture. It’s suitable for warmer climates, tolerates shade, drought, salt, and is ideal for coastal regions.

Delta Shade – Delta shade offers good shade tolerance, but is still not as good as St. Augustine’s dwarf varieties.

Raleigh – For Southern California homeowners, Raleigh St. Augustine grass is probably the easiest to care for.  It’s the most forgiving certainly as far as fertilization, mowing and repairing itself.  I would say that the Raleigh St. Augustine grass in general, is probably the easiest for a homeowner to care for.  Looking at it another way, if you want to minimize the time required to care for your lawn, Raleigh St. Augustine may be the grass to choose. We carry Raleigh St. Augustine.  To get a quote click here and enter your zip code.

Palmetto – Island and coastal homeowners like Palmetto turfgrass. It has become a standard in such areas since it can tolerate the cold better than other varieties and does well in either partial shade or full sun. Another benefit of Palmetto is that it resists those pesky cinch bugs.

Now you know the basics of St. Augustine SOD varieties. You can take this information and use it when you consult with the Sod Experts at Quality Turf for the best solution depending on the climate and weather. Give us a call at 951-654-7721 or click on the green  “Quick Order” button on the right and someone from our team will get back to you.

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