Quality St. Augustine

Our Quality St. Augustine sod is a warm-season St. Augustine sod. This specific type of sod is designed to thrive in the hot and dry climate of Southern California. It does really well in the coastal areas.

Sold in 8 ft.² increments
Minimum for pickup is 80 ft.²
Minimum for delivery depends on your area. Will show in checkout
I.E, O.C, and North County San Diego pricing is $1.10 for Pick-up and 400 square feet minimum for delivery
Los Angeles Pricing is $1.20 with 800 min delivery

*Pickup option displayed upon availability check. Please review pickup instructions here.

Unlock the Secret to a Lush, Vibrant Lawn with St. Augustine Sod


Discover the perfect lawn solution for Orange County with our St. Augustine sod! Known for its lush green hue and robust nature, St. Augustine thrives in warm climates, making it an exceptional choice for your yard. This variety is specially cultivated to resist drought and wear, ensuring a beautiful and sustainable lawn with minimal maintenance. Ideal for both sun and partial shade, St. Augustine sod transforms your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis overnight. Embrace the beauty and resilience of St. Augustine, and enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that’s the envy of your neighborhood.

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