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All You Need to Know About Sod

With over 40 years experience growing and cultivating our own sod, we have gathered everything you need to know about sod when starting your own project.

When buying sod for your home or commercial project, it’s important to find the correct sod supplier to purchase it from. The best source is a local-owned, reputable sod farm that will assist you through the entire process.

By choosing a local farm like Quality Turf, It minimizes the amount of travel for the sod, which is necessary to ensuring fresh sod. You also minimize the stress that it is going through when you're talking about carrying a living thing like sod. The less time sod spends on a truck rather than on the ground the better. Shorter transport times also lower your expenses and increase the likelihood of a good installation.

Locally sourced sod also has a connection with the local climate, meaning that it is accustomed to living in the environment in which it was grown. Because of this, there is also a smaller chance to be introduced to bugs or other pests.

Many big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes will often carry sod for purchase. They might also have an online ordering system where you can purchase sod, but often times you will have a minimum of 500 square feet and they only carry a limited amount of stock available each day and it’s usually not as fresh as buying from the farm.

It’s really important to have exact or as close to exact measurements of your yard. There are several ways to measure your yard’s square footage. We have provided you with measurement guide that will help with this process.

Some other things to consider that can affect your overall price is things like shipping charges and how far the sod has to travel. The farther the provider is, the higher the price. You'll also pay more for smaller amounts of sod per square foot than you would for a large order. Thankfully at Quality Turf we charge a flat rate of $60 for shipping. If you order more than 1,000 Sq ft, shipping is free. Because we are a farm, you have the option to come and pick-up smaller quantities and we will even help you load it on your vehicle.

Sod Farms In California

Typically, a sod farm will specialize in only growing that crop. Some may only produce one sort of sod, while others may produce several kinds that are great for the specific region. At Quality turf, we offer two types of sod that we have worked on perfecting for over 30 years that will suit any lawn in the Inland Empire, Orange County, or low desert.

Most sod farms only produce within a fixed range due to the cost associated and the health hazards associated with crops. Sod is regarded as more sensitive than some other crop kinds because of how it has to be handled and the conditions in which it has to arrive to stay healthy.

Sod Farming

Raising sod is similar to raising almost any other crop. You need to be knowledgeable and ready to work to make sure your crop is the best it can potentially be.

Sod farms vary in size, from small specialty farms to larger corporate organizations. Maintenance may include frequent watering, feeding, and seeding some areas until the crop is as thick and lush as possible. Most sod is prepared to harvest 10 to 18 months after the original harvest depending on the growth rate of the variety, the climate, and the current conditions of growth. Certain varieties of sod are produced to be slow growing so that once they are in place, little maintenance is required.

When the crop is ready for harvesting, specialized tools are used to cut the slabs or rolls to the appropriate depth. Most companies will then roll up the cut sod, but Quality Turf sizes your sod into small squares, allowing them to breathe better than the traditional roll method, ensuring maximum freshness on delivery. This also protects any rips that may occur when rolling up large areas of sod.

At Quality Turf we have perfected each area of the sod growing process in order to give you the highest quality, freshest sod around.

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