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Improving your home’s curb appeal is very exciting, but can be overwhelming, too. Many consumers look to buy fresh sod / turfgrass over growing a lawn from seed because of the many advantages. Buying your sod directly from our farm ensures many advantages over buying from garden centers or from big box retailers.

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Advantages of Buying Sod From Quality Turf Sod Farm

Our sod is cut fresh within hours of being delivered to your home. It’s very easy to install and produces an attractive finished lawn immediately.
Our sod can be laid at almost any time of the year. Because its roots are developed, our turfgrass sod is able to establish itself in prepared soil in almost any season, except when the ground is frozen.
We only harvest our sod when it has fully matured, ensuring a perfect lawn every time.
We are one of the only family owned farms left in Southern California. With over 35 years of serving Southern California homeowners, our turfgrass sod plants are healthier because they are professionally grown and specially formulated for our climate. They have enjoyed the best soil, regular fertilizing, and generous watering for strong root development.
We care about how we grow our sod. Quality Turf sod makes a denser lawn. Grass plants are sown close together, so there are no bare spots and reseeding is not necessary.
We do everything to ensure our sod turf is weed free; its density discourages weed seed germination, minimizing the future need to use herbicides.

Homeowners across the Inland Empire, Orange County, and the Low Desert of Southern California have several options when looking to buy sod. They can choose to purchase sod from big box stores or garden centers, or buy directly from our local family owned farm that grows and delivers sod right to their home. When you buy directly from our farm, you are ensured the highest quality sod turfgrass for our region along with the lowest possible price for sod delivered to your curb. When you buy direct from our farm, you are also supporting local farmers and employees that have been farming for generations and hopefully many generations to come.

If you need help in determining which sod is best for your home or have questions about buying sod, no worries, our friendly staff is here to be your sod expert and help with any of your questions and provide you with the “how to’s” along the way. With the best varieties to choose from, we are confident you will love your NEW LAWN! Give us a call today at 951-654-7211 with any questions you have.

Learn how to prepare for sod installation

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