New Sod

Watering Guide

Important watering guidelines for your new lawn

Watering Guide For New Lawn

For the first 14-20 days after your sod has been laid is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Please read the following information and/or download our Watering Guide for future reference.

  • Keep your sod fully saturated for the first two weeks. Water as often as needed.
  • During the warm season new lawns should be watered 15-20 mins; 3 times a day ; 6AM;10AM;2PM;
  • During the cool season new lawns should be watered 15-20 mins; 2 times a day ; 6AM;2PM;
  • Hand watering IS NOT sufficient. Use sprinklers
  • DO NOT WATER at night!
  • DO NOT COVER sod with anything. Sod must be installed immediately once delivered.
  • Prepare ahead of time to ensure your sod can be laid immediately. It is best to prepare your soil at least 2 days in advance. Please see our sod Installation Guide for more information.


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