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High-Quality Sod From Your Local Sod Supplier in Temecula, CA

Welcome to Quality Turf, your trusted sod company in Temecula, CA providing fresh, lush sod for sale. As an established sod farm and turfgrass supplier in the region, we offer premium sod to help you create the perfect lawn.

Sod Grass Varieties For Every Landscape

Our sod farm grows a variety of premium sod grass to suit the climate and needs of Temecula homeowners and businesses. With our sod for sale, you can choose from soft, durable grasses including:

St Augustine Sod - Our lush, blue-green St. Augustine is a warm-season favorite. With broad blades and a dense growth habit, it thrives in sun and heat.

Bermuda Sod - A fine-bladed option that spreads aggressively with dense, mat-like growth. It offers excellent wear tolerance.

Zoysia Sod - This warm season grass has fine blades and good drought tolerance. It offers a lush, carpet-like feel.

Fescue Sod - For cooler climates, this sod for sale has slender leaves and does well in shade and high traffic.

Our expert staff can help recommend the right sod grass for your unique needs. As your local, family-owned sod farm, we're familiar with performing well in Temecula's specific conditions.

Convenient Sod Delivery Right To Your Property

Once you've chosen the perfect sod for your landscape vision, we'll schedule prompt lawn sod delivery directly to your property. Our fresh-cut sod rolls arrive ready for quick installation so you can have your lush new lawn thriving immediately.

Sod delivery from our nearby turf farm ensures your new grass arrives in peak condition, minimizing transplant stress. We'll handle all the logistics - no need to visit our sod farm and transport it yourself. Our customizable sod delivery options make satisfying your project's sod requirements easy and efficient.

Pet-Friendly Sod For High Traffic Areas

For homes with pets or high foot traffic, we recommend durable and resilient sod replacement options like tall fescue. This pet-friendly sod has good wear tolerance for lively yards. Broad-bladed and spreading grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine are also great choices.

Proper lawn care and preparation can also help ensure your sod withstands activity. Our team shares best practices for protecting your investment including:

  • Aerating before laying new sod
  • Allowing proper root establishment before heavy use
  • Appropriate mowing, watering, fertilization
  • Overseeding high-wear areas

With the right sod choice and care, you can enjoy a gorgeous lawn that thrives despite pets and play.

Save Time & Money With DIY-Friendly Sod Installation

Installing sod is a project many DIYers can successfully tackle on their own. The result is fast lawn installation without the added costs of hiring a landscaping crew. We provide resources to support DIY sod Replacement including:

  • Step-by-step sod installation video tutorials
  • Gear rentals - borrow sod cutters, trenchers, and rollers
  • Expert guidance from our knowledgeable staff

With quality sod and helpful support, you can upgrade your yard affordably with new grass. Contact us today to choose the right sod and get started on your DIY-friendly project!

Frequently Asked Questions

For warm-season grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine, spring and summer are ideal. Cool-season grasses like fescue thrive when installed in fall.

New sod should be watered daily for 15-20 minutes for the first 2 weeks. Ease up watering as the sod establishes deeper roots over 4-8 weeks.

Wait at least 10-14 days before mowing to allow root establishment. Limit use and foot traffic for 3-4 weeks to prevent damage to new sod.

Contact Quality Turf to Choose Quality Sod for Sale Near Temecula, CA

With lush, durable sod ideal for the Temecula climate, Quality Turf has everything you need to create a thriving lawn. Contact us today to let us help you choose the right grass species and get prompt sod delivery right to your property.

"Excellent service! The delivery was right on time. I ordered 1000 sqft of the quality turf which came on 2 pallets. It looked to be freshly cut. I am not a professional and laid it by myself. It's been 9 days and it looks amazing! Super green and No brown spots that I can see yet. Everything looks to be grabbing well. I would definitely recommend them and their quality turf. Thanks qturf!"

B.S, Murrieta

"Highly recommend this company to our family, friends, and strangers! Excellent customer service. Our lawn has been the best in the neighborhood for the past 14 months, since we completed it. Neighbors & visitors comment on it all the time. We are thankful for the high quality product! We ordered more sod for another section of yard 8 months ago, and that still looks great & lush too. All of the prep work was worth it. We couldn't have done it without the product & advice from this company. Highly satisfied."

Bethany K, Riverside

"I had been looking for sod to install for my backyard and I did a good amount of researching and by far Quality Turf exceeded my expectations. David was fantastic in talking about my project and for the handful of times we spoke, I never felt rushed or pressured to make that purchase. David understands that for the customer, it’s a big investment and made me feel super comfortable on the purchase. Lizette was super friendly as well and went above and beyond with answering some questions. When the sod arrived, it blew me away the unbelievable quality of fresh cut sod. I’ve seen different types of quality of sod from other farms and of course the big Home Improvement Stores and by far, Quality Turf sod is in superior level than the rest."

Jesse Reyes

"The guys at Quality Turf were very professional and arrived when scheduled. The turf was in great shape on the pallets and has been growing beautifully the last couple weeks. They accidentally shorted me 60 sq ft, but quickly remedied the situation. The manager from the San Jacinto office personally drove the rest of my sod to my house within the hour. Great customer service, thank you so much!"

Jacob Stack

"The customer service was great, our new grass is beautiful! We should have done this a long time ago. We will definitely be back for the next project."

Sarahi, Corona

"I was very impressed with the price and the quality of the sod. In fact, it was unbeatable! The service was request for an earlier delivery date was quickly and politely processed. My sod was firmly rooted and ready for its first mow in 8-10 days as advertised. I've never had such success in the past with other sod products. I would highly recommend Quality Turf to anyone!"

Scott Stotz

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