Quality St.Augustine Sod

St. Augustine Sod is an aggressive and low-growing sod. It is extremely shade tolerant and can be mowed to ¾ of an inch. It even does well in salty soils because it is native to sandy beaches and the fringes of swamps and lagoons. Quality St. Augustine sod is only available for part of the year because it thrives best in warm temperatures, but it can grow in cooler climates as well. It has a coarse feel to it and works great for larger lawns. It also offers a fantastic dark green color that looks thick and lush.

Other fantastic benefits of Quality St. Augustine sod:

Tolerates a wide range of soil types

Can be cut very short and still thrive

Competes well with weeds

Very few serious pests

It requires only moderate maintenance

Quality St.Augustine Sod

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