At Quality Turf Sod Farms, we grow two varieties of turfgrass sod. Our Quality Plus sod, a dwarf fescue and Kentucky bluegrass hybrid mix that is specially formulated for hot dry climates like the Inland Empire of Southern California. Our second variety is Quality St. Augustine. It’s a premium variety of St. Augustine called Raleigh.

Sod is essentially a sheet of pre-grown grass that, when planted in your yard, immediately covers the dirt with pristine lawn. Fortunately, measuring your lawn for sod is a very easy process that only requires a few basic calculations. Sod is typically sold by the square foot and therefore, you must calculate how many square

We recommend that you start preparing the soil at least two days in advance. Be sure to water thoroughly the night before the installation to allow the water time to absorb into the soil. Till the existing soil to a minimum depth of at least 2 inches before adding any topsoil or soil amendments. Add

Check out our installation guide for a helpful how-to of the entire process.

Install day of delivery! Same-day installation of your sod is imperative to the success of establishment. Sod is a living plant that requires immediate water, nutrients, and air to live and establish itself. Lot’s of water is essential for the first few weeks. For more details on watering instructions, download our watering guidelines here.

Never cover your sod with any type of material. Have your sod delivered when you are ready to install. If it is going to rain on your anticipated delivery date and you cannot install it that day, give us a call and we can reschedule the delivery.

There is no limitation on when you must install your sod, but some types of grasses do better when installed at a certain point during the year. Talk to us about our products and we can make a recommendation based on your needs.