I’m Ralph Daily, the Owner and CEO of Quality turf. I have been in the sod business for 50 years, starting in 1969 when I married my wife and started working for a company called Cal Turf. After my 12 year tenure there, I formed Quality Turf in 1987 with two partners who have since

My name is David Goffman and I am the Chief Financial Operator here at Quality Turf. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and business management ventures, I focus on helping people achieve their long term and short term goals through financial planning and effective sales marketing strategies. I am a firm believer in my

My name is Lizet Espinoza and I serve as the head Customer Service Representative at Quality Turf. For over 14 years I have provided outstanding customer service for companies across all different industries including law firms, property management companies, and Water management. Being accountable, making a difference, focusing on detail, honesty, and reliability are all