Hands down the best turf grass for Southern California homes.  Our “Quality Plus” Fescue sod is an excellent commercial grade hybrid seed mix that is specially formulated to be easy to maintain and hold its green color year round. It has both Dwarf Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass to give it a vibrant color and softer feel. It is great for our Inland Empire and Orange County climate—even in the hot, dry summer seasons! It’s rugged enough to withstand children and dogs, but still very visually appealing, and, because of the bluegrass, it will actually repair itself if it sustains any damage. It offers a faster seed to grass germination and transplant ability. It will grow about 25 to 30 inches per year. It thrives best at a height of about 2 inches (ca. 5 cm), but in hotter times of the year, it holds moisture better if mowed no lower than 2 1/2 inches.

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We recommend Dwarf Fescue Bluegrass for the Orange County and Inland Empire area homes and nearby regions. This lush blend of Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass with improved drought and heat tolerance, keeps your Southern California lawn looking beautiful and green throughout the year.

4 reviews for QUALITY PLUS

  1. John R

    Best sod I have dealt with. Great thickness and maturity. Sod base was thick and consistent.

  2. Jesse Reyes

    I had been looking for sod to install for my backyard and I did a good amount of researching and by far Quality Turf Dwarf Fescue/Kentucky Blue Grass hybrid exceeded my expectations. David was fantastic in talking about my project and for the handful of times we spoke, I never felt rushed or pressured to make that purchase. David understands that for the customer, it’s a big investment and made me feel super comfortable on the purchase. Lizet was super friendly as well and went above and beyond with answering some questions. When the sod arrived, it blew me away at how unbelievable the quality of this fresh cut sod was. I’ve seen different qualities of sod from other farms and of course the big Home Improvement Stores and by far, Quality Turf sod is at a superior level than the rest.

  3. JD Beck

    Have to admit, received the sod and planted the same day. It is Winter time here in Upland, and the grass did not seem to be effected once laid and watered. Watering it three times a day and the grass seems extremely healthy… Would recommend this vendor if anyone is thinking about sodding their yard…

  4. James (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, and very solid product. Laid down easily and looks amazing! After 2 weeks I am confident I made the right decision. Follow the guidelines laid out by QTURF and you will have yourself a beautiful lawn in no time.

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