When homeowners decide to landscape their lawn, they should consider sod over using natural grass seeds. One of the benefits of sod is that it is less labor intensive than grass seeds and the results are almost instantaneous. An average size lawn can be laid down within a couple of hours using sod and be ready for full use in a couple of weeks. When using natural seeds, the blades of grass take months to grow before the lawn is fully functional.

Another reason to choose sod over natural grass is how the grasses are grown. Sod is grown by professionals, who ensure that the grass is grown in the best soil, that the grass is fertilized as needed, and watered regularly. These steps develop the grasses’ root structure, allowing the grass to be as healthy as possible. Sod can be laid down any time of the year, as long as the ground is not frozen. On the other hand, natural grass seed can only be planted during a couple of weeks of the year depending on the climate and the type of grass used. Once the grass is laid down, many homeowners have to use a lot of weed killer and fertilizer to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from taking the upper hand over the sprouting grass. In that case the homeowner has another task to keep young children away from the lawn so they are not exposed to the used chemicals.

The last reason sod is better to use than natural grass is that sod makes the lawn more atheistically pleasing. The blades of grass in sod farms are grown within close proximity of one another to prevent weeds from sprouting and germinating. Natural grass seeds are spread too far apart, often creating bare spots that need to be reseeded. These bare patches can tract dirt and mud from the lawn to inside the house.

Homeowners should consider these points when choosing the type of grass for their lawn during their next landscaping project. Call SOD Turf professionals at Quality Turf for expert advice and an estimate.


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